wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2018

The Literary Salon, Issue 7, 2018

Polish esteemed on-line magazine published my 11 haiku, 
my bio and the summation written on them by Robert Kania:

"The leitmotifs of many of her haiku are farewells (with loved ones who leave but she still has a strong bond with them) and transitions (well reflected by a brown spot on her hand or expressed with her glimpse in the train window). At the same time, she can surprise with humor (frog) or with an almost romantic observation (spring gust). While reading her haiku, I feel as if I were hit by a sudden storm - but it does not leave ruins, it is an element of admiration." 

(my own English translation from Polish)

a frog
the prince in my garden
(13th HIA Haiku Contest 2011 Honorable Mention)

plantig flowers
on the family grave
strong roots
(Chrysantemum 17, April 2015)

spring gust 
the dress of the bride 
bellies out
(cattails, January 2014)

restless reeds 
a swan at the shore 
shuns my shadow
(Frogpond, April 2014)

boundless fog 
from the other shore returns 
only the carrier
(The Mainichi, 27 May 2015)

this year again
autumn arrived—on my hand
a little brown spot
(134th WHA Haiga Contest, September 2015)

autumn walk
my brother leaves the path
(tinywords, November 2015)

of the painter's brush 
The Birth of Venus
(Carribean Kigo Kukai, 21 July 2013)

train window
a farmer deepens furrows
on my face
(A Hundred Gourds, December 2013)

migrating birds
my husband bids them goodbye
as to sons
(cattails, May 2014)

sudden storm
leaving the castle ruins
on the beach
(cattails, May 2016 – Editor's Choice)

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