sobota, 24 września 2022

 Daily Haiga

a man and a rock
become one

un homme et un rocher
ils deviennent un

człowiek i skała
stają się jednym

środa, 21 września 2022


My author's evening promoting my haiku book

drugi brzeg/the other shore

took place in Bookstore Tarabuk located in Ujazdow Castle in Warsaw

on 20 September 2022.

The atmosphere and true interest in this short Japanese poetry 
was present during the whole meeting. 
I received vastness of thanks and compliments. 

Here is the screen from the film.

niedziela, 4 września 2022


drugi brzeg/the other shore

My bilingual haiku book
contains 66 haiku in Polish and English, 36 photos including 8 haig.

Please contact me for details if you wish to order the book.

Thank you.

sobota, 3 września 2022


Daily Haiga

end of work
jumping on the path
dead leaves

koniec pracy
podskakują na ścieżce
martwe liście