wtorek, 8 maja 2012

collapsed stem
in the spring of this year
such green shoots

powalony pień
wiosną tego roku
takie zielone pędy

ledöntött törzs
azon a tavaszon
ilyen zöld hajtásai

6 komentarzy:

  1. Je ne savais pas que les coeurs fleurissaient au printemps.

  2. en tout cas pas sur un arbre :)
    Merci Marcel pour votre visite au printemps :)

  3. The spirit of spring, well caught.

  4. Thank you Bill and welcome again :) in the spring

  5. The heart on the fallen tree trunk gives this haiga an extra dimension. Nice post, Iris...

  6. Thank you Frank
    it is always a great pleasure to know that the author intentions are good understood. This pic has been used by me for a haiga not accidentally, I was happy to see such fancy tree in the nature, I find the image as absolutely fantastic one and I am glad to know you read in my mind :)
    Best regards